Fashion Designer, Carmen Orford

Fashion Designer, Carmen Orford

In 2014, Laura Vivian L.A. was created by the 25 year old fashion designer Carmen Laura Orford.

She grew up in a 3,000 population town with a big dream. When she was just 8 years old, she began creating fashion illustrations. At the age of 10, she realized this is what she wanted to pursue in her future. With the support of her mother, when she was 17 she moved to Los Angeles alone where she attended The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

For the last 15 years, Carmen has dedicated her time and talent towards obtaining the skills she needed to create her handmade designer label.

The designer chose to name her clothing line in dedication to her grandmother, Laura Vivian. Her grandmother grew up during a time when women were greatly reduced. Yet she remained a strong, independent, and fiercely opinionated woman. Laura Vivian’s personality fed the designers motivation to produce designs that helped women feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable.

Carmen currently designs, produces, and photographs all of Laura Vivian L.A.'s content.

In 2019, Carmen will be launching a Girl's Designer line called 'Little Vivian' - keep your eyes peeled!